The 60’s Yippie, Abbie Hoffman, once noted that history doesn’t repeat itself in circles, but rather in a coil and rarely returns to the exact same spot.  It is my own observation that this coil will return to a spot slightly above or below the previous spot, depending upon whether the spiral is one of growth or one of regression.  It is such coiled cycles that come to mind for this post. 

We were spending a Sunday in early January at our granddaughter’s house.  Oh, our daughter and son-in-law were there, too, but as any newly minted grandparent will tell you, it’s all about that grandchild.  In the midst of our doting on this two-week-old work of perfect beauty, my cell phone rang.  The number displayed was not one I recognized and I was about to ignore it when … wait!  There were too many numbers and the first two were 3-5 … Fritz!