Character’s Pub is tucked back at the intersection of two alleys deep in the heart of downtown Lancaster.  When it opened in 2004, its original owners tried to present it as an “Irish pub”.  The only thing really Irish about it, though, was the Guinness on tap, two or three Irish whiskeys instead of just Jameson’s, and a few lighthearted signs on the wall suggesting Irish humor.  Regardless, it was a comfortable place to go, the food was good when we were looking for an alternative to a finer dining experience, and they did a decent job behind the bar, too. 
Not long ago the place changed hands.  The new owners have made no effort to maintain it as an “Irish Pub”, but they are presenting it as a “gastropub”.   I think that’s just fine, but they have some work to do before they earn the gastronomic credentials that should accompany that characterization.  That doesn’t mean it has been crossed off our list – hardly.  This is still a most comfortable and welcoming place to visit.